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Frizzell Hill Farm

Happy goats are healthy goats!

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Frizzell Hill Farm is located in the rural hills of Western Massachusetts.  We're about two hours from Boston, and just south of Brattleboro, VT.  Our goal at Frizzell Hill Farm is to produce high quality Boer goats to meet the needs of the growing meat goat market.  We own 60 acres of prime goat browsing land;  brush, brambles, saplings, and some pasture.  In addition to free-range browse, our goats have access to free-choice hay, grain, mineral mix, salt blocks, baking soda, and fresh water.  We own three Maremma Livestock Guard Dogs to protect our goats from predators.  

We purchased our first 12 goats in 2007.  We continued to build our herd, and in 2010, bought a full-blood Boer buck "Eggsfaith Blockbuster" to service our does.  Buster added a lot of black and white to our herd, and passed along his docile temperament.  In 2012, we purchased another 100% Boer Buck, "Ben."  Ben is almost solid red and a triplet.  He's produced lots of colorful kids!
Frizzell Hill Farm
Rob and Lynette Snedeker
170 Frizzell Hill Rd.
Leyden, MA  01337
(413) 773-9294